Comfort Apron

X-Ray Protection

Comfort Apron

Frontal Protection in its Pure Form

  • Ideal fit, maximum comfort for the wearer
  • Suitable for long wearing times
  • Standard equipment includes shoulder pads and preparation for adaptable embroidery
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications with only frontal radiation exposure
  • Optional “without protection” in the back, for reduced weight of the apron
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X-Ray Protection

Frontal Protection: COMFORT APRON

The RA660Comfort apron range offers up-to-date radiation protection clothing which accompanies your active working day and provides outstanding service. The extraordinarily good wearing comfort is supported by the wide stretch insert on the back wings.

Our customers report that this model is their favourite front apron. This is because it can be taken on and off easily, fits the body well, stays in place well and provides shoulder relief.

The stretch insert, ideal relief especially for long periods of wear.

The stretch insert running across the entire width of the back ensures a good fit and shoulder relief even when the X-ray protective clothing is worn for long periods.

MAVIG uses only top quality, low-wear hook-and-loop fasteners.


NovaLite, Leadfree or Standard lead
Lead Equivalent
Front, optional: 0.25 mmPb, 0.35 mmPb or 0.50 mmPb; Back, optional: 0.25 mmPb or without protection
Outer Material
Optional: ComforTex® HPMF, ComforTex® HPMF Hybrid, ComforTex® HPMF Plus (Nautilus design only)
Titan, Blue Admiral, Regatta, Curacao, Lagoon, Mandarin, Orchidee, Baccara
XS Chest girth ≤ 84 cm Waist/hip girth ≤ 91
S Chest girth approx. 85-95 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 92-102 cm
M Chest girth approx. 96 106 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 103-112 cm
L Chest girth approx. 107-117 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 113-123 cm
XL Chest girth approx. 118-128 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 124-134 cm
XXL Chest girth approx. 129-139 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 135-145 cm
3XL Chest girth approx. 140-150 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 146-156 cm
Skirt Length/Body Height
90 cm/150-160 cm
100 cm/160-170 cm
110 cm/170-180 cm
120 cm/175-190 cm
130 cm/185-195 cm
140 cm/195-205 cm
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