Closed Cap

X-Ray Protection

Closed Cap

Radiation Protection Closed Caps

  • Effective protection for the cranium
  • Outer material options
  • Corresponds to work-related physiological aspects
  • Perfect balance of radiation protection, weight and comfort
  • Design-protected, universal-size cuts
  • Optimal adjustment to the respective head circumference and head shape
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X-Ray Protection

Cranium Protection: CLOSED CAP

Radiation protection cap, closed cap shielding the cranium frontally, on the sides and completely from above (limits heat dissipation)

Working in interventional radiology can entail risks. Currently, the likelihood of medical personnel being exposed to radiation and developing a brain tumour is the subject of lively debate among experts.

Without effective on-site upper table scatter radiation protection, the cranium may well be exposed to high levels of radiation, depending on the procedure and fluoroscopy time.

MAVIG, therefore, has developed two different radiation protective head coverings to meet the individual needs of the user. The respective models differ in the matching of the desired protection area and heat elimination.
Lead Equivalent Values
Optional: 0.25 mmPb, 0.35 mmPb, or 0.50 mmPb
Outer Material
ComforTex® HPMF or ComforTex® HPMF Plus
54 to 63 cm
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