Durolane is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) single-injection designed to deliver powerful long-lasting knee osteoarthritis (OA) pain relief

  • Powerful and long-lasting pain relief
  • Greater reduction in knee pain
  • Clinically equivalent performance to five-injection HA therapy
  • Significantly improves quality of life
  • A significant reduction in analgesic use
  • Does not include components of an avian source
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Looking to be able to move without worries?

Find out how with DUROLANE.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of knee pain. Osteoarthritis can affect young people and the elderly alike, but it frequently appears after the age of 40, predominantly in those who have been active and those who still are. If you suffer from Osteoarthritis, you will be too familiar with the range of symptoms it causes and the effects on your life.

The potential benefits of DUROLANE for those suffering from Osteoarthritis include:

Treatment administered directly to the affected joint.

It can be applied according to the required frequency.

It can help prevent, or delay, knee replacement surgery.

Seek long-term relief from knee pain.

Simple and fast to administer.

It does not require additional medication.

DUROLANE has been developed specifically for the treatment of the symptoms of Osteoarthritis in the knee. It helps to restore the lubrication and shock absorbing properties of the joint fluid, which is depleted with Osteoarthritis.


DUROLANE is a unique injection treatment to relieve the pain of Osteoarthritis of the knee. It is based on a natural, safe and proven technology called NASHA (stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-avian source). Hyaluronic acid (HA) It is a natural molecule that provides lubrication and cushioning in a normal joint.

DUROLANE is a clear gel that contains high levels of HA (hyaluronic acid). It is injected into joints affected by Osteoarthritis to relieve pain, restore lubrication in addition to cushioning and results in improving joint function and helping to restore quality of life.

The stabilized form of HA in DUROLANE is known as NASHA.

How Safe DUROLANE Treatment is?

DUROLANE was created using NASHA - a proprietary advanced hyaluronic acid (HA) process. It is a highly purified product produced without the use of materials of animal origin, which guarantees that the risk of impurities is close to zero. DUROLANE is treated by the body in the same way as hyaluronic acid in own body and no immunological or anaphylactic reaction has been reported. NASHA has been used safely in more than 4,500,000 treatments for different medical purposes.

How is One Injection Enough, When Other Hyaluronic Acid Preparations Need 3 to 5 Injections per Treatment Cycle?

The patented NASHA hyaluronic acid stabilization process enables DUROLANE to resist breakdown as well it has a longer lasting effect than all other hyaluronic acid preparations. DUROLANE too contains high levels of concentrated HA. This considerably extends the half-life of DUROLANE, while that HA from other hyaluronic acid products disappears within a few days after injection.

That is the reason why a single injection of DUROLANE is needed, while other products need various applications.

How does DUROLANE work?

DUROLANE contains high levels of concentrated hyaluronic acid (HA), which mimics the effects of natural HA. Restores HA levels that naturally decrease during the progression of Osteoarthritis. HA is known to control pain, and it possesses visco-elastic properties that can provide cushioning and shock absorption within the joint. HA is also known to help maintain normal fluid balance in a joint, as well as to aid in the restoration of normal joint function.


DUROLANE (3 ml): Symptomatic treatment associated with mild to moderate pain of osteoarthritis in the knee. There are no known contraindications. DUROLANE should not be used if you have skin disease infections at the injection site. DUROLANE has not been tested in pregnant or nursing women and in children. Risks may include transient pain, swelling, and/or stiffness at the injection site.

Like any medical product, results cannot be guaranteed and may vary depending on your general health. Please consult your doctor for a full description of the benefits and possible adverse reactions of DUROLANE treatment.

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Injection Volume
3.0 ml
2.0% HA
HA per Dose
60 mg
HA Source
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