EcmoLife System


EcmoLife System

The Most Gentle, Safe, and Versatile Solution for ECMO and Mechanical Circulatory Support

  • Magnetic levitating pump technology for minimized hemolysis
  • Integrated back-up system for extra safety in case of failure
  • Phosphorylcholine coated circuit for reduced platelets consumption
  • Compact design for easy transport
  • Up to 14 days disposable validation for long term procedures
  • Auxiliary external battery for extra procedural time in case of emergency
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The most gentle, safe and versatile solution for ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and MCS (Mechanical Circulatory Support) enabling all HCPs (Health Care Providers) to easily manage any situation in different enviroments.

ECMOLIFE System is a perfusion system that allows the operation and monitoring of extracorporeal circulation. The ECMOLIFE System operates, feeds, controls and regulates the ECMOLIFE centrifugal pump which represents the disposable blood pump.

The ECMOLIFE System, when used in combination with the ECMOLIFE centrifugal pump, is suitable for total or partial cardiac, circulatory and pulmonary support.

The ECMOLIFE System is composed of an active programmable console (ECMOLIFE Console), a motor controller without bearings (ECMOLIFE motor controller) and sensors for the detection of blood parameters (flow, pressure, temperature, SvO2 and Hb). The console is equipped with an integrated backup that, in the event of a primary unit failure, can be operated in combination with a backup motor controller and flow meter.

The ECMOLIFE System in combination with the ECMOLIFE centrifugal pump and the ECC tubing set is designed to pump blood through the extracorporeal circuit to provide extracorporeal circulation. The ECMOLIFE System must only be used in combination with the ECMOLIFE centrifugal pump.

The ECMOLIFE System is designed to function in the following hospital environments: operating room, catheter laboratory, emergency room, intensive care unit, and during intra-hospital transport of patients from one unit to another.

The ECMOLIFE System is intended to be used by qualified and specifically trained healthcare professionals in the field of extracorporeal circulation: Perfusionists (Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery - OR), Intensivists, ICU Nurses (ICU), Emergency Physicians / Intensivists (ER), Cardiologists (CathLab).
10 Parameters Displayed
Blood flow (LPM)
Pump speed (RPM)
Drainage pressure (PDRAIN)
Pre-oxygenator pressure (PIN)
Post-oxygenator pressure (POUT)
Oxygenator pressure drop
Oxygen venous saturation (SVO2)
Hemoglobin (HB)
Blood venous temperature (TVEN)
Air bubble detector
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