Ergonomic Apron

X-Ray Protection

Ergonomic Apron

Frontal Protection in its Pure Form

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications with only frontal radiation exposure
  • Ideal fit, maximum comfort for the wearer
  • Optional “without protection” in the back, for reduced weight
  • Standard equipment includes shoulder pads and preparation for adaptable embroidery
  • Possible to slip the apron off
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X-Ray Protection

Frontal Protection: ERGONOMIC APRON

Frontal protection in its pure form in the RA650 Apron includes full-body protection over the entire front section with the required 60% of the girth.

Comfortable, wide crossbands allow the apron to be slid off easily by opening the hook-and-loop fasteners in the front area, through the sterile surgical gown as well.

The apron can be slid off by simply opening the hook-and-loop fasteners in the front area, even through the sterile surgical gown.

MAVIG uses only top quality, low-wear hook-and-loop fasteners
NovaLite, Leadfree or Standard Lead
Lead Equivalent
Front, optional: 0.25 mmPb, 0.35 mmPb or 0.50 mmPb; Back, optional: 0.25 mmPb or without protection
Outer Material
ComforTex® HPMF or ComforTex® HPMF Hybrid; ComforTex® HPMF Plus (Nautilus design only)
Titan, Blue Admiral, Regatta, Curacao, Lagoon, Mandarin, Orchidee, Baccara
XS Chest girth ≤ 84 cm Waist/hip girth ≤ 91
S Chest girth approx. 85-95 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 92-102 cm
M Chest girth approx. 96-106 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 103-112 cm
L Chest girth approx. 107-117 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 113-123 cm
XL Chest girth approx. 118-128 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 124-134 cm
XXL Chest girth approx. 129-139 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 135-145 cm
3XL Chest girth approx. 140-150 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 146-156 cm
Skirt Length/Body Height
90 cm/150-160 cm
100 cm/160-170 cm
110 cm/170-180 cm
120 cm/175-190 cm
130 cm/185-195 cm
140 cm/195-205 cm
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