Extended Apron

X-Ray Protection

Extended Apron

Especially Designed for Work in a Seated Position

  • Integrated gonad protection for the sitting position
  • Ideal fit, maximum comfort for the wearer
  • Soft shoulder pads as standard equipment as well as preparation for adaptable embroidery
  • Special for working in a sitting position
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X-Ray Protection

Front Protection: EXTENDED APRON

Radiation protection aprons are already part of the standard equipment in various specialities, such as urology, anaesthesiology, etc. Currently used protective aprons are designed for use in a standing position. However, especially in the examples mentioned, interventions are often carried out in a seated position.

The gonad protection adjusted with hook-and-loop fasteners can be simply removed for weight reduction while standing.

For seated work, the apron should be chosen 10 cm longer than your body height, so that the knees are also covered.

Well thought-out relief, interchangeable – the innovative, elastic, located on the inside in front, supports most of the apron’s weight against the hips. This relieves stress on the back and shoulders.

In order to ensure sufficient protection even when sitting, a gonad guard has been attached to the inside of the apron. This hangs protectively in front of the gonads, while the apron rests on the legs. The new design effectively prevents the apron slipping down the legs and exposing them. The larger side pieces in the lower part also keep the apron in position during movement.

When you are standing, the RA641 also guarantees complete X-ray protection from neck to knees. Here, the side flaps of the lower part of the apron can simply be fastened together at the back, so that they do not interfere with movement and you can work unrestrictedly.
NovaLite, Leadfree or Standard Lead
Lead Equivalent
Front, optional: 0.25 mmPb, 0.35 mmPb or 0.50 mmPb; Back, optional: 0.25 mmPb or without protection
Outer Material
ComforTex® HPMF, ComforTex® HPMF Hybrid, ComforTex® HPMF Plus (Nautilus design only)
Titan, Blue Admiral, Regatta, Curacao, Lagoon, Mandarin, Orchidee, Baccara
XS Chest girth ≤ 84 cm Waist/hip girth ≤ 91 cm
S Chest girth approx. 85-95 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 92-102 cm
M Chest girth approx. 96-106 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 103-112 cm
L Chest girth approx. 107-117 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 113-123 cm
XL Chest girth approx. 118-128 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 124-134 cm
XXL Chest girth approx. 129-139 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 135-145 cm
3XL Chest girth approx. 140-150 cm Waist/hip girth approx. 146-156 cm
Skirt Length/Body Height
90 cm/150-160 cm
100 cm/160-170 cm
110 cm/ 170-180 cm
120 cm/175-190 cm
130 cm/185-195 cm
140 cm/195-205 cm
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