Vital Patch® Biosensor
Vital Patch® Biosensor
Vital Patch® Biosensor
Vital Patch® Biosensor
Vital Patch® Biosensor
Vital Patch® Biosensor
Vital Patch® Biosensor
Vital Patch® Biosensor

Monitoring Systems

Vital Patch® Biosensor

Full Access Vital Signs Monitoring

  • Single lead ECG
  • Heart rate
  • RR interval
  • Respiratory rate
  • Skin temperature
  • Body posture
  • Fall detection
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Monitoring Systems


MBS HealthStream revolutionizes the way health and wellness is measured and tracked at the clinical grade level.

Transform the landscape to bring health and wearable technology together.

Continuously monitoring a patient's vital signs every second 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, has created a new paradigm in healthcare that did not exist before. The ability to monitor in real time, learn about and react to a health issue before it escalates, analyze medical data remotely, and reduce the cost and demands of healthcare services that we believe is a true game changer.

VitalPatch® biosensor offers the only monitoring technology that sends ALL patient data instantly to a secure cloud, allowing monitoring of 21 cardiac arrhythmias and real-time monitoring of 4 important vital signs of the patient.

VitalCore processor and onboard ASIC chip create hospital-grade, high-fidelity ECG with unmatched P-wave clarity.

With VitalPatch® biosensor monitoring technology, Physicians have 24/7 access to real-time and historical patient data via a secure URL.

What can the VitalPatch® biosensor measure?

The VitalPatch® biosensor is a battery operated adhesive patch with integrated sensors and a wireless transceiver, worn on the torso to record electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, heart rate variability, RR interval, heart rate respiratory, body temperature, activity (including step count), posture (position of the body in relation to gravity), and fall detection.

ECG, skin temperature, and accelerometer data are direct measurements. Heart rate, RR interval, respiratory rate, steps, posture, body temperature, and fall detection are derived measures. RR interval measurements can be used to measure heart rate variability (HRV) statistics offline. How long does the biosensor last? 196 hours (7 days) after which it will stop working. Any data stored in the biosensor must be transmitted before the biosensor shuts down.

Where can biosensor be applied?

Your doctor may recommend that you use the biosensor only in a specific location, described in the VitalPatch® biosensor Instructions for Use. There are two positions for placement: Primary (in the upper left chest) and secondary (under the left chest).

How is the biosensor handled and applied?

Removal of chest hair: Male shaving is necessary to maximize the quality of the signal, optimize the adhesion of the biosensor, and avoid discomfort when removing it.

Cleaning the skin: The skin should be free of lotions and oils to maximize adhesion. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the application area and allow to dry before applying the biosensor. Do not exercise or shower for 30 minutes after the initial application of the biosensor.

Handling: Be careful not to touch the adhesive or hydrogel while applying the biosensor; hold onto the adhesive-free center section of the biosensor while removing the liners and positioning the biosensor for application.

Easy to apply

The VitalPatch® biosensor requires no assembly or charging, and the device is completely disposable.

Built for comfort

The lightweight, thin and flexible design makes using a VitalPatch® biosensor a breeze.

Superior adhesion

Hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive maintains placement while minimizing the risk of irritation.


With water resistance, patients have the freedom to go about their normal daily activities.
ECG Dynamic Range
-10mV to +10mV
Heart Rate (Stationary and Ambulatory)
30 – 200 Beats per Minute (<±5 o 10% Beats per Minute, whichever is greater)
Respiration Rate
10-30 Breaths per Minute with a mean absolute error of less than 3 Breaths per Minute, validated by clinical studies
Skin Temperature
15 C – 50 C (≤± 0.3 C )
Fall Detection
Fall or No Fall (> 90% Sensitivity and >98% Specificity)
Step Count
< 5% Absolute Error Compared to Manual Count Step count is reset to 0 after step count 65535 is reached
Posture Detection
Lying down, Upright, Walking, Running, or Leaning (>70% Accuracy Compared to Visual)
Bluetooth (BT4.1)
Max. 10 Meters (30 Feet Line of Sight)
Radio Modulation
FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)
Radio Frecuency
2.4 – 2.5GHz
Transmit Power
AES-CCM 128 Bit Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard-CCM mode)
Battery Type
Zinc Air
Battery Voltage
DC 1.4V
Battery Life
120 Hours+
Ambient Temperature
10 – 40 C
10 – 95% RH
<3000 m
Barometric Pressure
70 kPa to 102 kPa
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