QFR Quantitative Flow Ratio Analysis


QFR Quantitative Flow Ratio Analysis

Quantitative Flow Ratio Analysis

  • QFR results in less than 5 minutes
  • Fast DICOM image transfer
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Does not require adenosine
  • Multi-vessel analysis with the use of a single license
  • Before, during and after PCI analysis
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Quantitative Flow Ratio Analysis QFR

Quantitative Flow Ratio Analysis (QFR®) is an Analytical Software for the reconstruction of a coronary artery from two angiographic X-ray projections separated by at least 25 degrees, either from biplane or monoplane X-ray systems, and subsequent analysis of clinically relevant parameters of coronary obstructions.

More than 75 Studies including 12,000 patients and 15,000 vessels.

Non-invasive diagnostic procedure. QFR does not require adenosine.

The QFR measurement takes 4-5 min for all lesions in a segment. QFR measurements can be evaluated both on and off line.

QFR can be assessed before PCI, depending on the angios of diagnosis. Simple QFR to perform after PCI: Provides a quality assessment of stent placement.

It incorporates precise anatomical information of the lesion (3D QCA).

Integrated QFR reverse co-registration and anatomical information for stent size.

No equipment is installed in the hemodynamic rooms, no changes in the configurations of the equipment already installed.

No cost of preventive maintenance or assistance from trained personnel. (One time cost of QFR result per patient).